Winter Hoodies

Winter Hoodies 100 percent cotton 

This Hoodie will keep you warm before/after surf and it’s great for your daily life style!!!

sizes are: XL, l, M, S

The Slayer


Born from the MGQS, The Slayer has shed a bit of volume in the nose and the tail. This board goes unreal in one-to-one-foot-overhead waves. It’s pulled-in nose allows for...



MGX- is a high performance shortboard that has been constantly fine tuned with feedback from our top team riders. The board is given plenty of drive, without compromising it’s manoeuvrability,...

Carbon wrap Surfboards


"Our unique carbon-wrapped surfboards are crafted using the most advanced vacuum bag system available in the market. We can replicate all the models we have already created in the PU...

Mid length


Mid Length Surfboards THE MID LENGTH surfboard is perfect for racing down the line on its rails or taking the highline and trimming whilst your feet are planted in...

Good Model


Good Model- Created in affiliation with our team rider Cooper Chapman. This model is the most versatile high performance board created by MG, tested and approved by pros for hard...



The V-12, designed for surfing powerful waves in different locations around the globe. This is a must-have for your quiver if you like to surf big waves; a very stable...

The Zipper


2022 Board of the year is our Zipper model!   The Zipper is MG’s version of the modern twin. The board features a low entry rocker with a single concave...



The Spud is a hot potato that, with its low rocker, is perfect for those smaller, fun days. This board is designed to paddle easily into more gutless waves, and...

Magic Carpet


Every surfer needs a magic carpet, right? The small-wave board that will help you surf your best while everybody else is held back, groveling. The Magic Carpet is a favourite...

El Pescado


El Pescado is my modern take on the retro fish, with new school performance and design without sacrificing the old school, retro look. I’ve shaved some of the unnecessary area...